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Nestled near the base of the Sugarloaf Mountain, sitting quietly on 15 acres, Finding Hearts Farm, owned by the Bazan Family, is just outside the bustling town of Urbana, located off  I-270 in Frederick, Maryland.  The farm's concept arose out of a desire to want to share with people the ways of connecting  with a horse.   This is achieved 

through mutual respect and good communication, whether that be on the ground or in the saddle.  Renovations to the farm began in 2016 to prepare for the community to have the opportunity to enjoy Private Riding Lessons, Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Learning, Limited Boarding, Training, Gaited and Non Gaited Evaluations and Farrier Services.  Lessons, Training, and Farrier Services are offered off site, as well.

Through David’s compassionate patience, support, and keen eye for reading horse and rider as partners, he helped me overcome my biggest obstacles both in the saddle and in my personal life.
— Ann Cumberland
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Our Services



David offers riding lessons here at the farm, as well as, off-site.  He is greatly influenced by the gift of reading people by reading the horse they are riding or working with. David teaches riders to learn and understand what horses think and feel,  how horses react and act, all in concordance with how the rider may feel and act at the moment.  He teaches that you communicate and ride a horse with more energy and emotion than you do physical cues.

EQUINE ASSISTED Personal growth and learning

For our non horse people, we offer Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Learning.  We are an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Facility.  David is an Equine Specialist, certified through EAGALA. Working in conjuction with local therapists, we provide clients a safe place for therapy sessions outside the office setting.  It is a face to face; horse to client solution oriented program interacting with the horses on the ground. 


We do offer limited boarding in our paddocks at the front of the property.  There will be a small new barn with shelter, tack room, and feed room.  This is full care board, 2 x a day feeding, hay, supplements as needed.  We offer a newly constructed outdoor arena and trailing access to the back of Sugarloaf Mountain.








Member of the Maryland Farriers Association, we offer trims and shoeing services.  Call for location parameters.  



Western and English saddle cleaning offered to clients within a reasonable distance from the farm.



It is my belief, that when working with a horse, the best thing to do is to establish a partnership.  When "training" I identify the horses willingness to be a partner (heart) and establish a leadership role with respect and trust (both ways).  I identify any previous training and willingness to learn.  I identify physical abilities and limitations.  I then work on the issues identified in varying degrees, usually simultaneously. In my opinion, "training" is not a quick process.  I am a strong believer that the owner/rider should be closely involved and be the one to continue the work.

--David Bazan



Riding helps me feel the emotions buried inside, and have a sense of joy at the same time. It’s my sanity!
— Mary Brown (taking lessons since fall 2014)






lessons per hour

Reduced prices for off site lessons on your own horse.


equine assisted psychotherapy





full board monthly 

Includes feed, hay, supplement application, and blanketing




Variable rates due to tailored training options.  Individual quotes offered.





Trims and/or shoeing



Western and English Saddle Cleaning/Conditioning








Finding Hearts Farm

2727 Thurston Road,  Frederick, MD 21704

David Bazan 240-409-1107 or Stacey Bazan 301-367-8874



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